Yoga is handed down by passionate teachers, sharing their love for and knowledge of the practice.


The Studio offers a rich, mindful 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in our sacred space as well as Advanced Training and Continuing Education.


200 Hour RYT


The Studio offers three options for completing our 200 Hour program:


Weekend Modules: Complete Teacher Training over time, at a pace that works for you. Next weekend start date is September 26th, 2019. See Schedule.


Summer Immersion: A 23 day all-in intensive. Step away from your everyday life, emerge a teacher. Next offering June 6th – June 28th, 2020.  See Schedule.


Hybrid Option:  Jump in with a June intensive and complete your training by weekend modules. Next Intensive Starts June 6th, 2020.  See Schedule.


The Studio’s 200 Hour teacher training program is not a cookie cutter approach. You will develop a full toolbox of fundamentals—postures, breath work, meditation, anatomy, sequencing, philosophy, history, adjustments, and the business of yoga. But as important, you’ll go deep, discovering your own essence…that which makes you a unique force in this world. You’ll find and develop your voice. You’ll learn to be fully present in a classroom. Because this is what will touch and inspire your students. Knowledge combined with authenticity, honesty, presence. A teacher with the heart of a teacher. This training is for those who wish to become teachers and those who simply desire the profound, transformative experience the program offers. Existing teachers who want to deepen their practice and teaching are also warmly welcome.


This program is NOT for students who are only interested in a quick certification or a spa-like vacation.  We’re interested in working with students who have a genuine desire to grow, teach and/or take their physical practice and lives to a deeper place. These students will possess a sense of grace, humility, respect and love for the art of yoga. Join us?


Students who complete this program are welcome to continue with our more advanced programs.





The Studio also offers Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.   The Advanced 300 hour program is open to those who have already received a 200 hour certification from another yoga school and wish to gain a 500 hour certification.   ( Your existing 200 hour certification + this 300 hour training = 500 RYT Certification ).


There are two options for beginning this program:


Weekend Modules Start:  Complete Teacher Training over time, at a pace that works for you on weekends.  Next Advanced Training weekend start date is September 26th, 2019.   See Schedule


Intensive Start:  Same as weekend modules, but you’ll be starting with a weeklong or longer intensive (3 options listed in catalog).   Next Advanced Training Intensive start date is June 6st, 2020.   See Schedule


Our advanced training supports you in deepening your practice and providing you with the skills, knowledge and experience to take your teaching to a higher level.  Our goal is to help you become the fuller, more potent yoga teacher that you want to be while reinvigorating your mat practice and finding new pathways between the wellspring of wisdom within and an inspired life.


Our unique integrative-modular format will ensure that you won’t have to spend time repeating material that your original 200 hour program already covered thoroughly while you’ll also be able to cover any basic material that your first training did not focus on as much before moving on to the more advanced material (self-assessment in application).


These modules, delivered by well-seasoned and educated instructors (see right), will bring together the transformative teachings of the yogic traditions’ sages in addition to providing modern perspectives on neuroscience, psychology, physiology and anatomy to create an unparalleled experience of personal understanding and development that is relevant to the modern world of technology and relationships.  Our vision is to integrate the best of scientific understanding while using the psycho-technologies of advanced yoga practices to re-enchant reality.   Yoga is an indispensable wellspring of insight and meaning for life.   We aim for you to go deeper into it so that you may give it to your students as well.


During the training, the asana practices are physically challenging but we spend less time on physical conditioning and more on a balanced practice of mindful asana, mudra, bandha, meditation and pranayama.  Our version of “Advanced Yoga” is not yoga for contortionists or acrobats. The promise of yoga is not realized through complicated and rigorous physicality, but through a rigor of mindful and well formulated practice.   You are ideally a lifelong student whose interest is in yoga’s ability to bring one to a meaningful life.


Whether you wish to use the flexible format to specialize in a particular area of yoga (Alignment, Anatomy, Pranayama, Meditation, Yogic Philosophy, Traditional Energetic Body Practices, Advanced Sequencing, Adjustments, Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hot Yoga, Therapeutics, among many electives in the catalog), or you wish to use the flexible format to fit your schedule, we look forward to aiding you on the next step of your journey.






This is our most advanced training that will dive deeply into yoga as an alchemical process.


As per Yoga Alliance Standards, the 500 hour Advanced Teacher Training is available to anyone who successfully completes the 200 or 300 level trainings and wishes to extend their study.   There will be information on the 500 hour training available in the 200 / 300 trainings.


If you have additional questions on any of our trainings, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. 


Alex Pfeiffer

Director of Yoga Teacher Training

Sarah Higgins
Yoga Teacher Trainer

Autumn Bonner
Yoga Teacher Trainer