Private Yoga Lessons

What are Private Yoga Lessons?

Private Yoga Lessons can be used in place of regular classes — those who prefer the privacy of working one-on-one or as an adjunct to regular class attendance.


Private Yoga Lessons are a perfect way to:


  • Get started with yoga.
  • Come back from an injury or illness (learn how to modify the poses and approach the classes.)
  • Finesse your basic poses.
  • Learn advanced postures.
  • Reduce stress and tension.
  • Practice in a more intimate environment.
  • Learn how to apply yogic and meditation principles to various areas of your own life. Or as a way to discuss moving through challenging times.



Some students book one appointment for a one-time set of pointers. Many book multiple appointments so that they can progress on focussed areas with their instructor. Others do Private Lessons exclusively, booking 2-3 times per week as replacement for public classes.


Self-book HERE using our online schedule. Please note that the times listed online are the only available options for private lessons and they tend to book quickly. Our front desk can assist you with booking if you are having technical problems, but they will not be able to able to arrange custom appointment times.


Cancellation Policy: Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment time are not refunded. Booking the appointment prevents others from scheduling and thus cancellations result in lost income for the teacher and The Studio. Thank you for understanding.

Our Private Lesson Instructors

Tammy Reed

Yoga studio, classes and teacher training in Madison, WI

Cayla Schroeder