What should I wear?

Wear comfortable athletic clothing. Avoid excessively baggy shirts as they will be hard to keep in place in poses like Down Dog. Most people practice barefoot.

What is the age requirement to attend classes at The Studio?

Students are required to be a minimum of 15 years old. Students 15 and 16 years old must be accompanied in class by a parent/legal guardian who can attest to the physical capabilities and maturity of the student. 17 year olds can practice at The Studio without a parent in attendance, but all students under 18 must sign a Code of Conduct and the parent or guardian must sign a waiver.

Can I come do class and leave my kids in the lounge or entry way?

No. The Studio is primarily an adult oriented facility.  Leaving children in the lounge or entryway while you practice creates a liability for The Studio and a distraction for our students and staff.

Can I rent a mat?

Yes! We have mat rentals for $2.

Can I store my mat at The Studio?

No. Unfortunately, we have very limited space and many, many students who practice with us throughout the year. We simply do not have space to store student mats.

Do you have showers?

We have showers at our downtown location (Machinery Row). We rent shower towels for $2. Hand towels for $1.

Can I rent a towel?

We have hand towels for rent for $1 and shower towels for $2.

Where do I park?

Downtown Location:

Our downtown location is an urban environment on the lake.Yay! With that comes a lot of excitement and fun, but allow time to secure parking. Following are the options:


All Times: Street parking on neighboring streets and the LOWER LEVEL parking lot of the Elks Club (Blount Street) is available for yoga parking. The lower level parking at the Elks Club is down along the lake (please do not park in their top lot). Elks Club parking is not available on Friday nights.


Evenings and Weekends: The public lot to the right of the building is available for free parking all weekend days/nights as well as Monday – Friday after 6pm. All spots are available for free public parking.


Do Not Park in the parking lot directly behind the building, even if it appears that spots are available. Those spots have been purchased by other tenants and non-permit users will be ticketed and towed. (The only exception to this is 6am classes – students in those classes can park directly behind the building.)


West Location:

Please feel free to park anywhere in the large lot next to the building.

Can I share my class pass with a friend?

Yes! (With one exception noted below.) Simply tell the front desk you wish to use one of the classes on your class pack for a friend and they will make it happen. If you want to register your friend ahead of time to guarantee a spot in the class, feel free to call the front desk at 608-441-5310. EXCEPTION: We have occasionally offered a discounted Intro Pack on Facebook. The FB Intro Pack cannot be shared. (And obviously Monthly Memberships cannot be shared among friends as they include unlimited classes.)

Which classes are in the heated room?

Studio A (downtown) and Studio B (west location) are our heated studios. Check the schedule to identify which studio each class will take place.  Hydrate well before class, bring water to class and enjoy the loveliness that a heated class offers.

I'm new to yoga, can I still register for a regular Flow Class?

Yes, every day we  have brand new students in any given class. But it is critical that you listen to your own body and not try to keep up with your neighbor. Yoga is not competitive, it is intensely personal. As a beginner, take breaks often, feel free to look around to see what is going on, opt out of poses that feel too advanced and if it hurts, don’t do it. Your strength, flexibility, balance and knowledge will build slowly over time. Allow for that.

There are some regular Flow teachers who are more suited for beginners. Feel free to talk to the front desk staff about recommendations or book a free 15 minute Private Consult with one of our yoga advisors. Our entire staff is here to help. And, if you’d like to practice the basics at home, our Yoga for Beginners Video Series is an outstanding resource.

What classes do you recommend for beginners?

We highly recommend starting with a Beginners Class or Gentle Flow as both of those classes move slower and more methodically than most regular Flow classes. However, some students do start with regular Flow (see previous question.)

Twice per year (January and Fall), we offer our popular and beloved 4 week Beginner’s Series where you learn to build the poses from the ground up. This series is now also available as an online video series.

Also, we do offer Private Yoga Lessons for beginners which can be a fantastic way to get off to a great start. Contact us to book a private lesson.

What should I bring?

One of the beautiful aspects of yoga is the lack of gear required. Bring a yoga mat (if you have one) and consider bringing a water bottle. We also have yoga mats for rent ($2) and boxed water for sale. We rent hand towels ($1) and shower towels ($2) or simply bring your own if you think you want/need one. Most students practice barefoot, thus no special shoes or socks are required for the yoga classes. If you are bringing athletic shoes to the fitness classes, please make sure they are shoes you use for indoor purposes only.

Are there lockers?

No. We recommend you bring any valuables into the studio spaces with you. Coats and shoes/boots can be left on the hooks in the entry ways and hallways.

What if I'd prefer Private Yoga Lessons or Personal Fitness Training to taking classes? Is that an option?

Absolutely. We have many students who practice this way for a variety of different reasons. CONTACT US with what you are hoping to do and we will get the ball rolling.

Can I rent the space for an event?

It’s possible. We do offer yoga parties for family reunions, friends, co-workers, bachelorette parties, etc.  And sometimes we can host other types of events depending on the requirements. CONTACT US and let us know what you have in mind. We love, love arranging private yoga parties.

Note: We do not host weddings or receptions (although we have done private yoga classes for bridal parties before and after the wedding). Also, we do not lend or rent the space out for photo or video shoots.

Can I arrange a private class for co-workers, family or friends?

Yes! We love arranging private yoga parties and the participants typically have a ball. CONTACT US with a few details and we’ll get things rolling.

I'm coming back from an injury...how should I approach my practice and the classes?

Talk to your doctor about what you should or shouldn’t be doing at this point. Take it slow…consider using the Beginners Classes or Gentle Flow Classes as a nice starting point. Consider booking a Private Lesson to learn to work with or around your injury—the teacher can show you modifications for various poses.

Can I practice while I am pregnant?

While we see women practice throughout their pregnancy, you need to check with your OB-GYN to make sure that is right for your situation. Note: we do offer Pre and Post Natal Yoga classes.

Do you offer Prenatal Classes?

Yes! We have lovely Prenatal offerings at our downtown location. These are taught by Kristin Enge and are very popular.