Sara Kraemer

I approach yoga as a living practice that emphasizes creativity, compassion, and individual authenticity. I felt the first spark of recognition when I discovered yoga in a Madison studio in 2001, and I’ve been dedicated to developing a conscious path, in one form or another, ever since. My classes are designed to both invigorate and nourish the body through a fluid blend of breath-body awareness that is fresh, vibrant, and deeply nurturing. I’m honored to name Janet Stone as my root teacher and continue to study with other leading teachers in the field. When I’m not teaching, you can find me enjoying a career in K-12 education reform, cooking up a storm in my kitchen, walking at the dog park, or sweating in a yoga class with one of the many inspiring yoga teachers here in Madison.


Why teach at The Studio?


I teach at The Studio because of their commitment to conscious evolution through yoga and service to community. Yoga is nothing short of a revolutionary act and The Studio integrates the  spectrum of yoga in ways that are accessible, practical, and directly beneficial to people with real lives. I teach at The Studio because they not only want to provide great yoga classes, but they also want to change lives.