Rachel Zinman

Rachel Zinman was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2008. It took six years for her to accept her diagnosis of type 1 LADA diabetes.


She started yoga in high school when she was 17 and is passionate about the deeper aspects of yoga and its ability to heal and inspire. She has spent the last 32 years practicing enthusiastically as well as teaching nationally (in Australia) and internationally since 1992.


Rachel was a professional dancer from a young age. She is also a published poet and author, award-winning musician, wife and mother.


Interested in all aspects of health and wellbeing she started her yoga for diabetes blog to share with the diabetes community how yoga has helped her to manage her diabetes.


Her articles on yoga and diabetes have been features in Elephant Journal, Diabetes Sisters, A Sweet Life, Insulin Nation, Beyond Type 1, Diabetes Daily, Mind Body Green, and DoYouYoga and in the #1 Bestseller, Unleash your Inner Diabetes Dominator. Her blog was also listed one of the best blogs in their April 2017 issue and listed as one of the top 51 blogs in Hard Boiled Body for 2017. She is also recognized by healthline.com as one of 8 social media stars making an impact in fitness and diabetes. She is also a featured expert for several online resources for yoga and diabetes.


Her forthcoming book Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda has recently been released with Monkfish Publishing and Consortium, she will have copies for sale at her workshop and book-signing.


You can find out more about Rachel at www.rachelzinmanyoga.com and her blog at www.yogafordiabetesblog.com.


Join Rachel for a Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop at The Studio on Sunday, November 19th, 2017.