Justin Rivas

I have explored various styles and schools of yoga, my impetus being education on multiple systems with a pursuit of a practice of best fit. My personal practice consists of a vigorous yet breath focused Ashtanga freestyle vinyasa flow. While most days I enjoy exploring freestyle vinyasa, others are spent in the always humbling “hot room”, and others in restorative hip work. My conviction is that diversity in my own practice is beneficial and informative in teaching a diverse student base. Further, I believe mindfulness towards the body and how it educates daily is fundamental for committed yogi/inis.


Undoubtedly, my truest teacher is the practice of devotion and compassion, be them in asana practice or worldly encounters of the mat – tenets of my yogic conception. My teaching certification is in Bhakti Flow under Rusty Wells which I completed in Bali and San Francisco. I plan to return to SF this fall to continue my education for a 300 hour certification to solidify advanced sequencing and anatomy. Ultimately, I am thrilled to come full circle and return to Madison to serve the students I am blessed to teach!


Why teach at The Studio?
“The Studio is rustically raw yet inspirational and inviting, reflecting the community it serves in its ideal urban location. The space is exposed and provocative, welcoming a practice that balances grace and mind calming determination.”