Jeremiah Zuba

Jeremiah found yoga through deep exploration into the world of meditation. He brings that experience into his asana classes with pranayam, mudras, charka work, mindful movement, and yogic philosophy. He takes his students on a journey toward Self with his creative and powerful flow classes.


Our mat serves as both a mirror and a platform. We get to know who we are and how how we are- shedding light on our truths, delusions, habit patterns, biases, and stories about ourselves and the world. We learn to love and accept our Whole Self, and come to terms with the reality that is. Lastly, we powerfully channel our mind, breath, body, and heart to embody all that we can be for ourselves, our relationships, and the world.


Jeremiah believes that yoga can be a vehicle for social change, starting with transformation of Self. He is honored and so grateful to join you on the mat, collectively taking the seat of the Observer, the Accepter, and the Creator.