Gayatri Devillier

I believe that while yoga works deeply with the body, it has the power to give you a personal experience of inner freedom, clarity and happiness. I teach empowering, inclusive and uplifting classes with anatomical awareness and a sense of humor. Get ready to breathe, flow, align and smile! Body-positive yoga is central to my teaching approach because yoga is for everyone.


To make sense of this wild thing called life, I lived at a yoga ashram from 2006-2016 where I transformed from a seeker to a finder. During this special time, I lived a traditional yogic lifestyle of practice, service and community. While I feel like this was my graduate school, I will always humble myself to continue growing alongside my fellow students, in the grace of my teachers.


In addition to asana, I meditate each day and am happy to share from my experience in the inner aspects of yoga. Please join me as we ascend to the next level in this amazing practice!


Gayatri Devillier has 200 & 500 hour certifications from Shambhava Yoga, CO & HI with advanced training in Ayurveda, vinyasa flow, Yoga for Healing, and sacred art. She has led yoga teacher trainings, special workshops and worked with private clients.