Chandra Winzenried

From Cardio to Core, Meditation to Relaxation, Chandra believes that Yoga is the path that can lead you towards a well balanced life. Whatever your goals are Chandra believes that Yoga is the best exercise companion to get you closer to the person you aspire to be. Let Chandra help you achieve your goals and gain the insight that is a Yoga centered, successful life!


Feeling truly blessed being brought up by such opened minded, strong spirited and well traveled parents. Whom have always, and continuously been a beacon of encouragement, support and love towards pursuing Chandra’s life’s journeys and passions. Born and raised in Madison, WI, and now after living and teaching overseas in the U.A.E, and getting Yoga certifications from India, the UAE, Thailand and America, Chandra is happily looking to put her roots back down in her home town of Madison!


Chandra’s guiding passion is through Yoga to help uplift and inspire others to go after their dreams as she is doing herself. Traveling the world training and teaching yoga, Chandra invites everyone and anyone to join her for an unique hour of yoga and internal reflection. See how yoga can not only help you relax and get you fit, flexible and free your mind, body and soul but can enrich your life forever.