You’ve left us speechless with your comments…

A. huge part of my life.
Such an incredible space. Your studio is absolutely breathtaking!

Brendan G.

Clearly so much love and thought has gone into your entire vision.

Anna B.

I love the energy and values of your studio.

Amanda L

I wanted to tell you how much of a difference the Studio has made in my life, it has been my sanctuary for the past six years in so many ways and I am truly grateful such a wonderful place exists.

Meagan C.

Best Yoga Studio I've ever been to. On the Lake with an incredible view of Madison and Lake Monona. The vibe is inspiring and all of the teachers I have encountered there were top notch. Very welcoming environment.

Vandana Dillon

I want to live here!

Adam L

The space was incredible and the energy of the class was magnificent. I was so inspired that after class, I decided to practice more yoga near the lake. Attending class at The Studio was the highlight of my weekend in Madison.

Julie G.

``The most breathtaking yoga studio in the country.``

Sarah M.

As someone who travels a bit and pops into studios all over, I have to say I loved the experience at your studio.

Margaux R.

World class.

Jeremy Q.

It is, hands down, the most beautiful facility I have ever had the pleasure of doing yoga in. The hot tea and the warm welcome from the woman who signed me in was perfect.

Kim C.

Best vibe ever.

Chelsea H.

I loved the Studio and thought the space was absolutely amazing. The class I took was also outstanding. I haven't seriously done yoga since the birth of my last child, who is now six, but feel like I need it more than ever. Thanks again for having such a lovely vision for The Studio!

Chris T.

I LOVED the class!


The Studio has a welcoming, friendly, and judgement free atmosphere. The space is beautiful and calm. Instructors are knowledgeable, kind, and approachable. I couldn't have found a better place to start my yoga journey.

Jen Fenton

I absolutely loved the space and decided to give myself a Christmas present of the year membership! Oh my. Everything just felt right!

Jess L.


Jack J.

When I first started back into yoga a few years ago, I tried out many places around Madison. I found myself leaving the Studio with a sense of peace, rejuvenation, of being seen and appreciated as a student, and in better physical (and spiritual) shape than when I went in.

Mary Tracy

I absolutely loved my experience at The Studio-the space is so warm and welcoming and glows with good energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kate N.

The decision to join The Studio has helped me to reawaken my spirit, quieting my mind and connecting it to my body. I highly recommend The Studio!

Maelea Martin

This is one of my favorite places in Madison.

Ali Zuba

Instantly smitten! Abundance of class offerings; excellent, caring teachers and staff; amazing space; inviting community vibe and impeccably clean!

Barb Pickl

An amazing space with an amazing community and staff. They take great care of everything and have a well versed spectrum of instructors. You walk in and you immediately feel at ease, and it doesn't fade once you leave after class. You'll always want to go back!

Sonnet Sin

The happiest and highest quality experience for my body, mind and spirit.

Linda Cohn

Blown away not only by the incredible space and energy but also by the really two beautiful teachers I was fortunate to experience! Cass and Kathleen both were exceptional in their approach and guidance. It was such a pleasure to learn some new little gems from each of your slight variations on standard poses. Thank you for holding this kind of space for our constant re-awakenings in hopes of coming in contact with and making friends with our true infinite selves.

Chrys Johnson

Loved going here 3-4 times a week. Wonderful environment run by caring and knowledgeable people. Only reason I stopped going was because I moved abroad for work. When I come back I hope pick up where I left off.

Ben Saffran

The space is breathtaking. I absolutely love the ambiance and the feel of the place. Highly recommend.

Amber Thompson

The most amazing studio!

Holly Hass

The beauty of this space is not only what the eyes sees but what the heart feels.

Marjaneh G

Yoga at The Studio is peaceful and fulfilling, my mind and body thank me every time I go.

Allison Kay

Immaculate and absolutely lovely, warm and comforting space. It will make you feel like you are coming home, even if it is your first time. All the instructors are unique, knowledgeable, friendly, and challenging in their own way.

Amanda H.

Love the space. Love the people. Love how everyone feels welcome. Love the talented staff. Love The Studio!

Margaret Jankowski

I look forward to going to The Studio for my yoga practice and when I leave, I am so grateful. Right away from when you arrive you feel the sense of tranquility and then you remove your shoes you feel grounded. Then you walk into your practice and the warmth hugs you. The practice is all you, your breath, the support of your teacher and the energy of the community in practice with you. I truly love it!

Roberto Amezcua

After more than 4 lovely, wonderful, blissful years as a member at The Studio, there is really nothing about Madison that I’m sadder to leave than this yoga community! I can’t possibly tell you what The Studio has meant to me during my time in Madison. It’s been a constant, steady companion, but also a continuously evolving inspiration. I’ve never found anything like it, and I am better for having been a part of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mary B.

The Studio and its passionate teachers have absolutely changed my life, and have also set a very high standard for yoga studios from here-on-out.

Allison T.

Thank you for introducing me to the most amazing studio space I can imagine.

Alexa L.

I could write paragraph after glowing paragraph about how much I love the yoga, the space, the friendliness, and the INSTRUCTION at The Studio. You guys are simply amazing. I will always highly recommend you to any Madison yogis I know. Wish I could pack you up and take you with me.

Delaney P.

Thank you for introducing me to the most amazing studio space I can imagine.

Alexa L.

Instructors are knowledge and great, every one definitely has their own style and vibe. The studio is very welcoming and not spiritually arrogant in any way. I love practicing here. Coolest studio ever!

Abe H.

The Studio Yoga Madison WI
Yoga studio, classes, fitness and teacher training in Madison, WI
Yoga studio, classes, fitness and teacher training in Madison, WI
Yoga studio, classes, fitness and teacher training in Madison, WI
Yoga studio, classes, fitness and teacher training in Madison, WI