Stephen Balsley

I believe yoga should inspire flexibility of mind, body, and spirit on and off the mat. I found yoga 16 years ago through a very classical practice as a means of cross training while competing as a cyclist. After a couple of years of using yoga as a source for flexibility, I discovered the discipline it inspired off the mat in my everyday life. As a husband, father, friend, and co-worker, I utilize yoga in almost every interaction to find calm and balance even in a world that seems to move at faster and faster speeds.


I love a good flow class that opens me up, makes me sweat, makes me laugh, makes me smile, and leaves me energized and worked – all at the same time. I have walked out of those classes and burst into song in the parking lot before hopping on my bike to ride off to the next part of my day. I hope to offer a strong flow that leaves students with this feeling of joy.


I am a 200h RYT having studied with Meg Galarza of YogaOne Studio in Milwaukee. I am learn something about myself everyday while working on an Ashtanga and meditation practice. I plan to be a student of this for the rest of my life.