Shannon Maguire

I have always had a lot of energy and struggled with how to channel it in a way that is both positive and calming to my mind and body. For me, exercise has been the best way to help bring balance to my every day life, improve my self esteem, and help my body feel good. Over the years I have pursued running, swimming, biking, weight training, and now, training with TRX suspension ropes. While I have found the dynamic exercise of the TRX provides exceptional strength, flexibility, and endurance, it wasn’t until I added yoga to my regimen that I finally felt complete.

Yoga has been a wonderful compliment to TRX fitness and when I learned of the TRX / Yoga classes offered at The Studio I knew I wanted to be part of this fitness program. I love the balance of the mind and body and can’t imagine a better, more enjoyable method of working toward it! Not to mention, The Studio is a beautiful environment to work in. The wood floors, brick walls and oval windows makes you feel at home, warm and calm. I instantly loved the feel of the rooms in The Studio. I have been working with TRX suspension ropes for four years but am still new to yoga. I am enjoying yoga so much I would like to start working on my yoga certification. I am an Ace certified personal trainer with certifications in Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultation; I am also TRX, Rip Trainer and Kettlebell certified.