Sarah Higgins

Yoga empowers each of us to move towards our deepest truths.  Yoga  inspires us to heal on many levels and calls upon each of us to live authentically from our hearts. The practices in and of themselves serve to reveal to us who it is we really are, and why we are here. Yoga is also the art of how we translate our passions into our gifts, and our service or offering, to the world.  Yoga is the invitation to grow within and beyond ourselves. My classes are grounding, yet uplifting and are designed to nourish our mental, physical and spiritual bodies in a playful and self honoring way. Challenging both mentally and physically, expect to push your self to new limits both on the mat and in your real life as you align and flow. We never stop learning, and the closer we move towards our essence, the more incredible life becomes.  Yoga  increases our awareness,  deepens our relationships, and helps us choose to live life with a renewed sense of authenticity and freedom. In addition to teaching lots of yoga, I continue to regularly study with other incredible teachers both locally and nationally.  I’m also passionate about family, about my three amazing children, nature, hiking and most recently, trail running with my very big dog named Yogi.


Why teach at The Studio? “Clearly, this space is from the heart.  What a gift to our community.  The whole atmosphere, the excellent conversations, and the studio spaces themselves hold positive energy for practicing yoga safely.”


Sarah leads teacher training modules, workshops and offers personal yoga sessions.

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