Sammie Gollup

Sammie’s fitness journey began when she was in high school where she ran track and found group fitness classes at her gym. She studied Dietetics and Psychology at UW Madison to pursue her interest in health and counseling, and while she was studying she also competed as a lightweight rower. After school, she became a personal trainer and started teaching group fitness classes, including Les Mills Body Pump and various boot camp-style classes. She thoroughly enjoys helping others to improve their strength and cardiovascular health while focusing on appropriate alignment and form. As an instructor, she hopes to empower everyone to feel confident about using different tools to feel positive about their bodies, abilities and strength. Other areas of interest for her include cycling, yoga, hiking, traveling, functional nutrition, and exercising her two energetic labs.¬†Sammie is currently a full-time Registered Dietitian at UW Hospitals and Clinics and specializes in Weight Loss Surgery. She believes that balanced nutrition and exercise are the key to a long, healthy, and happy life.