Marjaneh Ghanian

A typical yoga class with me will not be a typical yoga class. Be ready to get deep into your breath and body and move into a space that is uniquely and playfully you. The carefully choreographed rhythm of music and flow will allow you to dance into the realm of your breath, your movement, your unknown. Prepare to explore your body and its unique capabilities, to open up and challenge your mind … and, on some days, perhaps even to defy gravity, becoming the super human being that you were truly born to be. However, the most important aspect of my class is not what you do on your mat, it’s what you do off it. My greatest hope is that you let go of outside thoughts during our precious time together, then take what you learn with you as you step out into this gorgeous world.

Marjaneh offers Personal Yoga Sessions at both locations. She specializes in:

  • All levels
  • Breath and relaxation skills
  • Spiritual journey and growth
  • Guidance in yogic philosophy and applications