Kelsey Macomber

As a long-time practitioner of yoga and Pilates, Kelsey unearthed her passion for teaching movement practices while studying Psychology and Neuroscience at UW-Madison. Kelsey became an instructor for UW Rec Sports in 2010, and has been wholeheartedly dedicated to her work as an instructor and practitioner ever since.


As Kelsey expanded her reach and experience of teaching, she continued to deepen her practice and training. She believes the work of yoga and Pilates have the power to change an individual’s experience of their body from the inside out, and offers an incredible peace of mind. Kelsey feels called to share her own experience of the work with others.


As an instructor, Kelsey hopes to empower others to cultivate a better awareness of the strength, power, and potential of their own physical body and mind. Kelsey strives to educate and enable participants through challenging sequences, but offers an accessible practice to any level of experience. Her classes aim to offer each participant an opportunity to find connection and control within their own bodies, and a confidence to revisit the mat again and again.