Keena Atkinson

Keena is new to teaching yoga, but she fell in love with the practice years ago when she first tried a class as an elective credit at Madison College. She enjoyed attending yoga class twice a week, both indoors and outdoors, and for the first time, started noticing major changes within herself. After the semester of yoga classes ended, Keena sought more classes outside of Madison College. One of the first places she took a public class at was The Studio.


Keena recently graduated from the 200 yoga teacher training at the Studio in the June, 2018. Her flow classes are open and accessible for beginner-level students, brand-new yoga students, or regular practitioners who want to refine their yoga with the foundations. Keena often sets the tone of her classes with a neo-soul and R&B music vibe.


Outside of teaching and practicing Yoga, Keena is a single mother of two sons, a hair designer, entrepreneur, basketball mom, landlord, writer, community activist and Werq instructor.


Keenas’ advice to her students is to come in, be yourself, have fun, don’t confuse “beginner” with “easy”, and use this hour to take care of yourself.