Catherine Holland

Catherine is originally from Portland, Oregon but Madison has been home since 2014. Nutrition and fitness has always been her passion. She has her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University and is a certified personal trainer. Catherine spent four years post-graduate teaching lectures and lab courses in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, as well as Pilates, Weight Training, Weight Management and Cardiovascular Training at OSU. She also developed an online fitness coaching business and now trains people all over the nation as well as internationally. Catherine lived in West Palm Beach, Florida for several years before moving to Madison. This is where she developed her love for barre and yoga. Whenever she is traveling for business, Catherine enjoys attending different barre and yoga studios to enhance her training and teaching techniques. Barre and Yoga have become her number one fitness focus. She loves the full-body toning, and mind-muscle connection that Yoga Barre and Yoga Strong classes at The Studio offer. She is passionate about passing on her passion for health and fitness!