Autumn Bonner

Autumn Bonner is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who loves the transformative power of yoga.  Her playful instruction and careful focus on both inner and outer alignment creates a nourishing class for all levels:


“In yoga, we teach ourselves to connect with the breath, to tighten our muscles without clinging, and move with the attitude of self-love and non-attachment towards the result. In that place I’ve had some of my most awakening experiences. That’s the beauty of practice, when we give just enough effort, but let go of the ‘wants’, ‘shoulds’, and ‘coulds’, we recognize that we are truly free.”


Autumn also specializes in women’s health, pelvic health, pain neuroscience, and trains in Medical Therapeutic Yoga through the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute.


In her free time, Autumn loves to play outside in any way she can. Among her passions are rock climbing, slacklining, and nordic skiing.


Why teach at The Studio:


“In 2011, when my friend Sarah Higgins (also an instructor here) called and told me about the wonderful atmosphere here that encourages community and self-honoring, I knew I had found a place to land.   I’ve now taught here for over five years and can’t believe it’s been so long!”