Amanda Boerboom

Practicing yoga is my inhale. Teaching yoga is my exhale. I cannot do one without the other.


I first found my way to yoga when I realized I was simply going through the motions of my overly busy life trying to juggle a full-time elementary teaching career, raising three beautiful (busy) children and managing the everyday demands of life. While living in survival mode, I was painfully aware I was missing so many gifts along the way. The moment I stepped on my mat I knew I had come Home.


It was an immediate reconnection to my Self and to my life. I began my journey to living a fully authentic, wholehearted life with presence and purpose. Through devoted practice, I learned that, like life, yoga is far more than going through the motions to reach an end point. Rather, it is a way of being. Yoga is a constant opportunity to learn, grow and return Home, but you have to be willing to do the work and stay on your mat.


My practice has taught me countless lessons that guide me through life both on and off my mat. I learned the importance of presence, how to cultivate strength through vulnerability, to breathe and persevere through challenges and to reconnect to myself in order to better connect to and serve others.


After establishing a dedicated practice, I was naturally compelled to combine my two passions, teaching and yoga, into one. As a yoga teacher, I am humbled and honored to offer a welcoming, inclusive space that invites my students to not just practice their yoga, but to live it. With sincerity, reverence and a sense of humor, I infuse creative, dynamic sequences with eclectic music that empowers my students to embody presence, cultivate strength and connect mindful breath with intentional movements.  I encourage students to meet themselves where they are at with curiosity, love and compassion.


My invitation is always to come Home and discover what yoga can offer, both on and off the mat.