Alexa Peseri

I first stepped foot into a hot yoga class alongside my high school best friend, who “cross-trained” with yoga when she wasn’t dancing at Alvin Ailey. I hated it. My balance wasn’t as good as hers, and I couldn’t see what people were doing when my head was down in most poses. I tried yoga again after seeing what wonders it did for my sister’s scoliosis, but I didn’t develop a consistent practice. Alas, “three times the charm” does the trick: I became a coxswain in college, motivating and steering a boat full of 18-22-year-old male rowers. “POWER TEN! EMPTY THE TANK!!” I’d yell. The team would run hills in the morning and I pushed myself to keep up with the men – to the point of injury. That is when I delved into yoga due to my own initiative. It hurt to run hills with the team, so I started swimming and taking yoga classes instead. I found teachers who crafted sequences and playlists that resonated with me. I got back into sports, and noticed I was less likely to get injured when I consistently practiced yoga.


Yoga became a place where my mind was completely focused, and where vigor ultimately led to a meditative state. It wasn’t just peace. It was strength, smiles, and community. When I practice, I have a chance at attaining that total peace. I am fully focused on the present, to the sweet exclusion of everything else. I knew I wanted to help other people feel like that, so I sought out an alignment-based 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification program. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and it enabled me to start teaching yoga in 2014.


I am thrilled to bring my love for teaching to The Studio. Peace (of body and mind) is my mission, but don’t be surprised if you hear a little of my inner coxswain come out during Flow classes. That said, you will never hear me yell like we’re nearing the end of a race – only sing at the end of class!