Alex Pfeiffer

Since yoga and bodywork certification in 2004, Alex has gained a reputation as one of Madison’s most reliable experts in bio-mechanics and usage of yoga for therapeutic healing. While his 5 yoga and bodywork certifications reflect his strong commitment to the science of yoga and its healing forms, expect a class that is more like song and poetic exploration than like rote mechanics. “The human soul is not meant to technique,” he says, “but to dance.”

His teaching focuses on alignment, breath, action and attitude for full human detoxification– physically, mentally and emotionally. The result is a class to push your spiritual edge from struggle to ease; from intensity to peace; and from madness to clarity. “Life is a wild ride and you never know what’s just around the corner. All we can do is discover the parts of ourselves we never knew were there and then…blossom.”


Alex is the Director of the Yoga Teacher Training program at The Studio.