Aja Lefebvre

I have always been an adventurous soul and to me, yoga was another adventure. However when I found it, I was not fully aware of what a wonderful and vast journey it would be. My personal practice started small, practicing on and off for about five years.


I received my 200 hour, Yoga Alliance certification through Sivananda Ashram in Val Morin, Canada in 2012 and have been teaching yoga at The Studio ever since. My background is in traditional Hatha Yoga, as I wanted to start from Yoga’s true roots and work my way forward. I love the creativity that comes with sequencing a flow class, mixing things up, keeping it fresh, challenging, and luxurious. You will leave class replenished, long, strong, and sweaty. I encourage each and every person to turn inward during their practice, listen to what their body is telling them, back off when they need to back off and push through when it is time to push through. As I have learned, a great deal can be gained if we just take the moment to listen to ourselves. This starts on the mat and overflows into our daily lives.


My experience moving through pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mom inspired me to dive deeper into the study of pre and postnatal yoga. I landed in an in-depth 85 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Amala Prenatal in Chicago and am now one of the only certified Prenatal Yoga Instructors in Wisconsin. It also showed me what a huge impact my yoga practice had on being comfortable in pregnancy and confident and prepared for labor and birth.


Off the mat, I love anything outdoors. Spending time with my husband, my daughter Liv, our little buddy Levi – the beagle, family and friends is what is most important to me. Traveling puts me permanently on cloud 9 as well as anything with an adrenaline rush.