Membership: Our big WHY

Show up consistently on your mat and your body will change…it can’t help but change.You will get stronger, more flexible, and have better balance. Show up consistently on your mat and your mind will change.You will find more peace, more clarity, a better understanding of who you are and what the next right move in your life is.


The Studio is a Membership-based studio made up of likeminded individuals ready to make yoga and fitness a non-negotiable part of their lives. (If this isn’t you yet, but it’s the direction you’d like to head, keep reading.)


Our Members and staff create a community that inspires, supports and holds each other accountable. For those moments you’re lacking in motivation or facing personal challenges, you’ll be able to look around and draw from an immense well of inspiration and friendship.


Becoming a Member atThe Studio means you’re ready to step up and into the best version of yourself. You’re ready to bust through stress and complacency and lethargy. You’re ready to transcend perceived limits and make health and wellbeing a priority. Not just some of the time, not just when you feel like it, but always. There’s something deep in you that realizes that every aspect of your life will be better served, enormously served, if you make self-care an indisputable part of each day. Yoga is intensely personal and the journey will look different for each of us, but showing up is the thread that holds us together.


Membership allows you to make your practice a priority. Members can attend unlimited classes, encouraging you to be fully committed to your physical and mental health, week in and week out. Yes, a little bit of yoga here or there can be helpful in certain situations, but to achieve big shifts in body and mind, persistence and consistency are essential.


You are capable of reaching incredible heights in focus, physical fitness, and profound peace. You are capable of so much. Our full range of classes (meditation, yoga, fitness) will allow you design a weekly schedule specific to your life, your ability, your needs….helping you find strength and breathing space. You’ll be able to weaves our classes into your life in a way that provides ample opportunity for hard work and soft recovery…pulsing back and forth between effort and release, a dance that we as humans are hard wired for. A dance that leaves us full of vitality and able to better respond to the opportunities and challenges in our lives.


Our Members think ofThe Studio as their home–peaceful, intentional, inspiring—a bright, bright spot in their days. We think of our Members as family. If this strikes a chord in you, please join us.

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