Fit Tribe

We get one body, one life. It’s time to take charge.

WHAT: Fit Tribe. A tribe of practitioners who show up to increase strength and vitality. 2 weekly workouts to get in before work. These sequences are designed to help you find exceptional fitness and to develop and stick with a routine. They will be challenging and you will be held accountable. Each workout will be self led but a fitness instructor will be present to help you navigate the sequence and provide instruction on the movement. Workouts will vary day to day. Think full body strength. Functional strength and fitness.

WHEN:  Fit Tribe Sessions will be offered 2 times per week.

  • 5:30am-7:30am Monday and Wednesday. Drop in anytime during this two hour window to complete your workout. Each workout will be approximately 45 minutes long – but it may take you more or less time to complete. The time is set for you to come and practice anytime within the 2-hour block.
  • Tribe participants also have the option to attend Friday 5:45am Fit Hiit 

WHO: YOU. And a tribe just like you. Anyone who wants to complement their current lifestyle with added strength, fitness and lasting change. This is not a quick fix, this is a life shift. We want you to be committed and for the tribe to grow and connect. There will be ways to facilitate a stronger community of people just like you – people who believe in their health and are ready to make a change. But, it all starts with you. Making a decision right now that will impact  your life.



  • $60 for members. REGISTER HERE. (You must be logged in to your account to receive the member pricing option.)
  • $120 for non-members. REGISTER HERE.


I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much Fit Tribe has meant to me since I've been enrolled the past two and a half years. I have felt the changes in my body, feeling stronger and fitter than I have in a really, really long time. It's made a difference not only in my every day life doing things like carrying groceries and lifting heavy boxes, but I've also noticed the positive impact in other activities such as yoga, SUP, and biking. While I still have a long way to go, the format has worked well for me because of the flexibility, camaraderie, and the motivation that stems from the amazing teachers and being part of this group. ~JH
Fit Tribe has made a monumental change in my life. I have spent years trying to find a regime that fits into my schedule, goals, and 'will I actually do it.' Since Fit Tribe ticks all of those boxes, it has changed my life. I now am a morning person, I have a routine, I feel odd if I don't work out regularly. I am happier, healthier, and more comfortable with who I am because of Fit Tribe. I meant to join Fit Tribe when it was first announced and held in the building further out on Willy St. My apartment shared the same parking lot - but I was too nervous to join up. I built up the courage in August last year and I have been loyally attending as much as I can ever since. I attended Fit Tribe for almost 3 months prior to attending my first yoga class, and it is why I signed up for the year long membership. I finally convinced myself that I could attend and not feel anxious about what I could and could not accomplished - I was shocked during my first chaturanga. I was able to do it without thinking about it - so instead of focusing on what I could and could not do - I just... enjoyed class. I used to attend classes at The Studio, but always had in my mind that they needed to be a workout in order to justify my time there. Since I have started Fit Tribe, I can enjoy yoga for what it does for me that isn't a workout. Thanks to Fit Tribe - I can now focus on other things in my life. I am not focusing on whether or not I am taking care of myself - I know that I am. I now can proudly complete pushups on my toes. Burpees are actually (somewhat) enjoyable. And even more importantly, I have found a community in the tribe. They are a large part of what gets me up at 5:30a. Having a flexible start in the morning makes a huge difference for me. I often am on call for work - and there are times when I work late and being able to arrive at 6:30a instead of 6a makes a world of difference. Knowing that I can arrive in a window of time allows me to continue to care for myself when other areas of my life are out of my control.
The opportunity to get a solid workout in EARLY in the day (5:30-5:45am) has been a key component in my self care. My body has very much responded to the routine over the past 2 1/2 years—I am stronger physically and psychologically. And honestly, I’m spoiled—you have created such an amazing space. Tammy and Melissa are experts who both bring such knowledge and experience, they have created unique workouts to challenge us with every session. Thank you for your vision in starting Fit tribe—I have thoroughly enjoyed it and the connections I have made.
Fit Tribe

Fit Tribe