COVID-19 Update

The message below also went out as an email to our students.

Dear friends,


After 10 glorious years, we have to announce that The Studio is permanently closing its doors. COVID devastated us financially with no ability to recover our losses. And despite the vaccine rollout, we cannot identify a clear and consistent path forward that is in the best interest of the public health. The landlord has signed a new tenant whose business is not at the mercy of the virus and we completely understand his position. 


Although this is not ending as we had hoped, we want to focus instead on the brightest side…that we all came together and created something stunning for a decade. So many lives touched, inspired, and changed. Instead of being sad that it is over, let our hearts swell with joy that The Studio happened. We are so, so happy that it happened.


Thank you to our teachers and staff. Thank you to all students who graced our space.


We and love and you.


PS: Alex Pfeiffer will continue to offer his beautiful Yoga Teacher Training. You can reach him at:


PSS: Questions? Contact us at Please allow 72 business hours to respond.


PSSS: Yes, that last line is a nod to the Avett Brothers.

We want you to know that we did everything we could to be a resource to the community during the past 14 months and to stay open (so that we could possibly reopen our physical space.) 

  • Immediately upon closure, we began to offer live online classes to our members. These live classes were offered March 14th – October 1.  During this time, we also produced a large video collection so that our students could do yoga or fitness at home, on demand.
  • When we no longer had the means to offer the live classes, we made the entire online catalogue free to everyone on October 1. We knew that with a quarantined winter looming, people needed physical and mental health options more than ever. That collection stayed up until June 1, 2021.
  • Upon our closure on March 14th, 2020 Kathleen (our owner) began providing Guided Meditation at noon for 72 consecutive days. This was free to everyone, everywhere.  She then continued the offering Monday through Friday until the end of June 2020 and then every Wednesday until May 2021.
  • We hope the above made even a small difference.