Prenatal Yoga

Find ease and comfort in your pregnancy. Prepare your body and mind for labor and childbirth.

Nourish your body and mind with our
4-Week series.


During a time of constant change, comfort can be found in something steady. Yoga offers just that. It’s an invitation to settle into the steadiness of your breath, to slow down, to move with attention and intention. Classes are designed to support you through the ever-changing ups and downs of pregnancy. This is a chance to be both challenged and supported as you prepare your mind and body for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


Throughout your pregnancy a regular yoga practice gifts you with:


    • awaken your intuition
    • connect with your babe
    • strengthen your coping techniques
    • build stamina
    • improve strength + balance
    • increase blood flow
    • reduces stress and worry which is directly correlated to a shorter labor and birth


These classes are also a safe space to connect with other like-minded women and share experience in a judgement free community..


All levels of yogis and all stages of pregnancy welcome.




Thursdays 6:30 – 7:45pm. This 4 week series runs periodically throughout the year. Class themes are rotating (meaning it will not be the same four themes/sequences in consecutive sessions.)




The Studio Downtown (625 Williamson Street)






4 weeks: $60 ($15 per class).

6 Pack: $100 ($16.50 per class). Flexible for multiple sessions. Must sign up for all classes to guarantee a spot.



4 weeks: $70 ($17.50 per class).

6 Pack:  $115 ($19.00 per class). Flexible for multiple sessions. Must sign up for all classes to guarantee a spot.


Drop-in: Interested in trying out the classes or can only make a few a month? Drop-in for $25/class.




“I completed my 200-hr yoga teacher training through The Studio and 21st Century Yoga on the Mat in September 2013 and have been teaching ever since. In the Spring of 2015, a dear friend approached me about prenatal yoga – as we chatted she shared her experience and it’s impact on her. Then, in the way that our dearest friends sometimes see our potential even before we do, she encouraged me to check out a program.


So in 2016, I completed an in-depth 85 hour teacher training through Blooma Yoga in Minneapolis, MN. The training awakened in me a passion for the movement techniques to support pregnancy and labor. Not only did Blooma’s program prepare me to teach yoga, it set me on a path of birth work. It also gave me a deeper understanding of what it meant to trust my own intuition as I prepared to birth my second babe.


Since then I’ve completed my training as a Childbirth Educator and gone on to certifying as a birth and postpartum doula. I have pleasure of working with a doula group here in Madison.


I love getting lost in movement. I love the power of breath. I love how we can find the path back to ourselves by linking these two seemingly simple things. I love watching folks breathe through their practice, then to stand in witness as they breathe their babies into the world.


As a teacher, I strive to create a space that awakens intuition, creates breath awareness, and deepens the connection to self and babe. My aim is to make yoga accessible for all bodies and to foster a re-igniting of self-awareness and love. I look forward to bringing parents together to bond with their babes and support each other throughout the new and wild adventures of pregnancy and parenthood.”