Postnatal Yoga Series

Yoga for the postpartum body and mind

Dedicated to new (and new again) mamas

Every mom deserves to care for herself as she transitions into life with a newborn. What a transition it is! Physically, mentally, emotionally. A yoga practice not only gifts one with necessary ‘you’ time, but the return on investment is presence. Presence to your new babe, your partner and/or existing children. Presence and awareness to yourself and your body as you move through recovery. This series is dedicated to new (and new again) mamas looking to return to yoga/exercise safely and with more awareness to their new bodies.




Week One – Reclaim Your Core – how to safely come back to your core and physical center with the use of breath work and poses targeting low back, abdominal muscles and your pelvic floor.
Week Two – Relieve Neck & Shoulders – counter the constant carrying, feeding and gazing down at your beautiful babe and open up your heart, shoulders, neck and wrists.

Week Three – Finding balance – identify where imbalances and balances lie in the body. Feel more connected & centered.

Week Four– Rejuvenate – Combat fatigue with restorative yoga postures targeting the hips, Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) and breath work to rest deeply and recharge.

This series is best served to Mamas 6 weeks − 18 months postpartum.



This series is offered in the spring and fall.

Stay tuned for dates.



The Studio Downtown (625 Williamson Street)


Members: $75
Non-members: $85

*Cancellations that occur more than 14 days from program date will be charged a $20 cancellation/administrative fee. Cancellations less than 14 days of program date will receive a 50% refund – any cancellations within 48 hours or less of program date will not be refunded.

The Instructor
Aja Lefebvre has been teaching yoga at The Studio since 2012. Her personal experience moving through pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mom inspired her to dive deeper into the study of pre and postnatal yoga and landed her in an in-depth 95 hour Teacher Training at Amala Prenatal in Chicago in 2016. It also showed her what a huge impact her yoga practice had on being comfortable in pregnancy and confident and prepared for labor and birth. Her experiences postpartum proved that postpartum specific knowledge and exercise is critical to rehabbing safely and effectively.


Her relationship with her midwife inspired her to want to cultivate more resources for women moving through this season of life. She is excited to build a community of mamas here at The Studio to share in the experiences, joy and even the not so glamorous things about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood.


Aja also offers Private Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Sessions for those looking to work one-on-one, those wanting the ‘quick guide to postpartum’ or how to modify regular yoga classes for the postpartum body and/or for those who may be moving through something specific that may need more focused and personalized attention.