Class Descriptions

So many meaningful options…

As you peruse our schedule of 120+ class options per week, you’ll notice a variety of Yoga, Fitness and Meditation offerings. Within the schedule itself will be a more specific description of that class. However, following are a few big picture things to note.



  • The majority of our yoga classes are called Flow. Vinyasa Flow is a style of linking breath to movement, thus moving in a more fluid fashion. That said, we hire teachers who have been trained all over the world in a variety of styles and each teacher brings their own interpretation to ‘Flow’. Some moving slower and more methodical, with more focus on alignment. Others moving with more vigor. We encourage you try a variety of classes, taking note as to which teachers and styles speak most to you at this point in your life. Our staff is also available to answer any questions and to guide you to teachers who might best meet your needs or preferences.
  • Students new to yoga or recovering from injury might do best to start in a Yoga for Beginners or Gentle Flow. Both move slower and are less complex than a straight up Flow class.
  • Yin consists of mostly seated or reclined poses that you hold for long periods of time to achieve deeper opening. In any Yin class, you may only take 5 or 6 poses. Although for some it can be relaxing, don’t mistake it for a restore class. Holding poses for longer periods of time can feel intense.
  • Restore is exactly as it sounds. Beautifully relaxing, with your body supported by a variety of props. The purposes of Restore classes are stress reduction and passive opening of the muscles.



Please note that on the yoga side, we have both heated and room temperature studios. Classes in Studio A (downtown) and Studio B (west) are heated. All other studios are room temperature. If attending the heated classes, hydrate well and enjoy a good sweat! (Heated classes are by far our most popular offering, however, they are not for everyone. It often takes a handful of classes to fully acclimate to the heat. If you decide they are not for you, please choose from among our many unheated class options.)



Our fitness classes are challenging, fun and mindful. These classes offer a more intentional way to build strength and endurance and thus serve as an outstanding complement to your yoga practice. They are offered in our Streetside Studio at our downtown location. Check out all of the options on our schedule. All levels welcome.



Our Guided Meditation classes are 45 minutes in length. No previous experience is needed. There will be times The Loft is open for self-led meditation before or after classes. Private Meditation Lessons are also available.



Remember that you own the intensity dial. In any class you can bring more challenge (by taking the more advanced versions of the poses) or take more breaks and do more observation if you are new or just coming back to your mat. Yoga (and fitness!) is intensely personal. Honor your body and do what you can in any given class knowing that each time you return, you’ll gain a little more strength, balance, flexibility, knowledge and peace. Let it come slowly. In the true spirit of yoga, there is zero competition or comparison. Just you meeting your body and mind exactly where it’s at and building from there. If you prefer to start with a Private lesson or two, schedule here.



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