Hello Students,

We stand in full support of and love for our black staff, students and the community at large. We recognize and see the injustices that are and have been occurring in our city and nation.

Although we will never understand the depth or pain of what black people have gone through and continue to go through, we hope that by sending this email we can gather the momentum of awareness, action and change. Our votes, our voices and our resources are needed and can make an impact.

We know that the honest truth is the yoga community is overwhelmingly white. This creates a barrier that needs to come down.

We are a partner with The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness and have been for several years. We have worked with this organization to help bring more black women in the Madison Community both to the practice of yoga and to become yoga teachers themselves, but more needs to be done. More black yoga teachers are needed on both local and national platforms, as the practice is important and so is representation.

The Foundation for Black Womens Wellness is a local organization with a mission to support, uplift and bring health and wellness to black women in the city of Madison and surrounding area. They opened a new facility just before the shutdown and were starting to host a multitude of yoga and wellness classes, free of charge. Beyond the yoga, the Foundation offers health screenings, wellness days, and group walks both at the capitol and outdoors at local parks.

Please donate to this important, inspiring organization. Your donation allows the leadership team to focus on critical services that benefit so many, instead of worrying about and chasing funding.


⏤ Can we flood them with donations?

⏤ Can we deeply study their work to get a full idea of why what they are offering is so important? Can we share that information with our kids, our neighbors, our friends?

⏤ Can we get to know and celebrate their outstanding leadership team? Do you know their founder, Lisa Peyton-Caire? She is amazing.

⏤ If you cannot donate, can you follow them on social media and shout their good work from the rooftops? Can you connect them with others who can donate?

The Studio’s actions:

⏤ The Studio pledges to increase our support of Black Women’s Wellness by doubling the number of teacher training scholarships per year.

⏤ The Studio will hold an annual fundraiser/awareness day for Black Women’s Wellness.

⏤ We will also be systematically increasing awareness of their work through social media and other communication platforms.

⏤ The Studio will continue to fast track and prioritize teachers of color for our apprenticeship program and hiring process.

⏤ The Studio will continue to offer highly discounted class rates to the black community and more actively and consistently promote that information.

In addition to The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness , there are many other fantastic local organizations that could use more support. Please research and become involved.

Black Lives Matter


The Studio
Kathleen, Cass and Pam