A Different Winter

A different winter.

Although some love winter, others brace and brace against the cold and the dark. For them, these early days with chill and shifting light hint at a weird mash up of despair and anxiety. The hours and months loom ahead as something one must simply get through until sunnier seasons.

Perhaps this year could be different. Can you shift a little left or right or reach up high on your toes to see this from a new angle?

Can you see this as a time of candles? The time of year to go deep. Deep in yourself and with the people around you. An opportunity for quiet reflection. An opportunity for more intimacy, more connection, and longer conversations. A chance to take your time and make a pot of soup and savor every bite.

Winter provides the perfect backdrop to choose a thread and follow it to the very end. To read and write and research and study and dream and scheme and plan. It offers opportunity that the endless distraction of summer never can.

Can you not only see, but seize these opportunities? It starts with an early and determined shift in perspective and language. Notice right now how you think and talk about this time of year…it will often become your reality.

We are here for you. Our spaces, our classes, our teachers our staff. Me. All winter long.

Big love,

Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

As effective as the above can be, sometimes it is more complex than that. If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to reach out a hand and we can guide you to various resources.