Do it!

Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

Belly laugh and bear hug more. Get swallowed whole by your work (the good kind of swallowed whole.) Pay attention. Have intention. Forget your phone at home. Walk in the woods. Love so big. Buy or barter good speakers and turn the music up loud. Take a risk. Question convention. Move your body. Turn on your mind. Drive to Nashville (and go to the Bluebird Cafe!) Book a trip to Crater Lake and wear your swimsuit down the trail and leap off that very short (8 feet maybe?) cliff into the clearest water you’ve ever seen. See where you are needed. Lend a hand.

What does all of this have to do with yoga and meditation? In my experience, everything. Both have have helped me wake up and be more alive physically, mentally, spiritually. Like really, really alive. Never forget why you practice.

P.S. If you book a trip to Crater Lake or Nashville, I have a few extra nuggets to share…contact me. And of course, I’d be honored to help you navigate your practice or other areas of your life. I offer Private Lessons/session here.

Big love,