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The Studio was founded to provide the most extraordinary day changing/life changing experience possible for every person who walks in the door. We aim to take your breath away, to have your world shift. Every. Single. Time.


The Studio is people, place and effective offerings that positively impact your mind, body and spirit. Our staff sees you, really sees you. Our space soothes and inspires. Our yoga, meditation and fitness classes evoke significant physical and mental evolution.


Why the fuss? It’s in our blood.

The Studio was created with a rebellious and passionate spirit. In a world on autopilot, we refuse to go through the motions. We refuse to be generic. Our every action is done with passion and intention…to inspire you to walk out our doors excited about life and intensely aware of each beautiful moment. To leave calm and energized (it is possible.) Stronger and more balanced. In awe and ready to live wide open.



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